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Your emotional freedom is only a few taps away

If you are new to EFT you might think it strange. I know I did. But you don't have to believe in it in order for it to work.

What continues to shock me, even after all this time, is how quickly it allows me to change my thinking and my thought patterns about myself and others. Within 30 minutes of a single session I had truly forgiven the people that I believed had hurt me and I released the memory. I was no longer haunted or had visions of things from my past that had previously tormented me and that helped me move into a place of peace.

Emotional Freedom Technique is fast, incredibly effective, painless and life changing.

The world is now waking up to the realisation that we are all made of energy. Within your body are energy lines. These energy lines, or meridians as they are also known, connect to various organs within the body and also have an attachment to the amygdala in the brain. The amygdala is the part of the brain responsible for memories and emotions.

As you'll see from the picture, the tapping points are at various points around the face and chest.
Each point connects to a different organ. These are:
• Karate point – small intestine
• Beginning of the eyebrow – bladder
• Side of eye – gallbladder
• Under eye – stomach
• Under nose – governing vessel
• Chin – central vessel
• Collarbone – kidney
• Under arm – spleen/ pancreas

“We hooked up via Skype and began our session. She asked me some questions and soon we were ‘tapping’. I was sceptical but I repeated her words and it wasn't long before I could not even speak as tears flowed down my cheeks. I was finally releasing my pain. Strangely I could even feel the shift happening, it was almost an out of body experience. I don’t know how or why it works, but it has been profound.” Lucy - New York.
Read Lucy's story here

Negative emotions and your body

Our organs all relate to various emotions.

For the purpose of EFT therapy and the releasing that we need our body to do, we're only considering the negative emotions here:

• Heart & Small Intestine hold onto Hate, Cruelty and Impatience
• Spleen, Stomach & Pancreas hold onto Worry, Anxiety and Mistrust
• Lungs, Skin & Large Intestine hold onto Sadness and Depression
• Kidneys, Ears & Bladder hold onto Fear
• Liver, Eyes & Gallbladder hold onto Anger, Frustration, Jealousy and Envy.

Can you imagine what your negative emotions are doing to your body if you don't find a way to let them go? When your energy and organs are out of balance, that is where ailments and illnesses will start to appear.

When you become sick, that is your body's way of saying "I need help to shift some stuff that I haven't yet managed to let go of". Unfortunately our natural reaction, when we become ill, is to go to the doctor and pick up some pills so that we can rid ourselves of the problem, however, all that is doing is treating the issue that has come to the surface - it's not treating, looking at or getting down into the core of the problem.

If we looked at the initial cause and treated our bodies as the energetic beings that they are then healing can take place on a much deeper level.

There are many studies and EFT practitioners working with terminally ill people.
There is mounting evidence proving that cancer can have emotional roots. Repressing emotions of any kind causes an increase in stress hormones and that in itself weakens the immune system.

The key to health, happiness, peace and true inner connection comes about when you let go of all the stuff from the past that no longer serves you.

EFT Therapy. Peace

Release years of negativity

With EFT, you'll be able to release years if not an entire lifetime of pent up sadness, rage, fear, loss – whatever it is you feel you're holding onto and is holding you back – and you'll be able to do it quickly and painlessly.

The EFT technique I have been trained to use has been handed down from the founder Gary Craig. EFT is non-invasive. You can be taught to do it yourself and actually, you can’t go wrong with it. It is a very forgiving process guaranteed to have you feeling lighter, happier and pain free.

What I love is seeing the relief and shock on women's faces when the pain they’ve been holding onto for so long, be it physical or emotional, vanishes within the space of a session. You can see them discover another piece of who they are and they slowly start to fall in love with themselves and believe that they can do this.

For step by step videos on how to do the EFT sequence, what to say and how it can help you then please check out the Advice & Support page.

Emptying your emotional bin

What happens when you don't clear away your garbage or rubbish at home? Your general waste, including food scraps? If you left it for a week, a month, a year – what would happen to it? It rots and moulds, of course; it starts to decompose into a big dirty, black mess that you can't distinguish. Your body is no different to this unemptied bin – only the garbage is your memories, feelings and emotions, and you can no longer make sense of them.

If we don't clear out the emotions of the past, we eventually reach capacity. We hit a tipping point where we just can't take any more. It starts to overflow and affect our physical health, playing havoc with our emotions.

If you think back over your life and all you can focus on is your trauma, pain and hurt, or your natural reaction is to look at things negatively, then your "emotional bin" is full. EFT can help you to empty or break the connection to what is no longer serving you. EFT can also help you clear away those bad past experiences before you actually reach 'mass overflow' so if you have buried or are trying to forget a memory from the past then this technique can help you to re-wire your emotional attachment to that event or situation.

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