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Warmth, compassion and understanding

I’m touched by what Alex Elle has to say about sharing your story, because this is also my truth.

My story may ring a few bells for some of you. I grew up in a household where violence, fear, yelling and belittling were just part of family life. At the age of six, I witnessed for the very first time my father beating up my mum. It happened quickly and it was ferocious. Up until a few years ago I could replay that scene in my head and still feel the fear and the shock of it.

Later, the domestic violence continued, but this time it was my mum, fuelled by alcohol, lost and trapped, angry at how her life was turning out, having gone from one abusive or unhappy relationship to another. She needed an outlet and perhaps, because she saw a strength in me or just needed someone to blame, I became her target for aggression.

What I noticed though, was that as I got older, I started to unconsciously repeat my mum's patterns. I became a mini version of her.

I realised that, to me, it felt as though every single person in my life who was supposed to love and support me had hurt me in some way, had blamed me and not actually seen the truth of the situation and I just couldn't seem to let it go.

I've been there; I know your struggle

I was 25 when I came across a saying: "Holding onto resentment is like you drinking the poison but expecting the other person to die". That one sentence helped me to wake up and see what I was doing to myself. But I had no idea where to start nor did I have any tools to help me let it go or get past it.

By the time I reached my early 30's, having just come out of an emotionally turbulent relationship where I felt like I was a shell of who I used to be, the pieces of the puzzle fell into place and I realised what mum had been going through on both a physical and emotional level.
I so desperately wanted to go back in time and help her – but it was too late, she had lost her fight with breast cancer.

Using my experience to help others

It’s true that we learn something from everyone who passes through our lives. Some lessons are painful, some are painless... all are priceless.

After mum died, I decided I needed to make a difference – to use my experience to help others. So I took what I’d learned, set about training for two years as a counsellor and then a further two years as a New Insights life coach, and started finding ways to help other women release and break free of their past.

With EFT, the next therapy I chose to train in, I could see how it was possible to re-wire someone's thinking and help them release the things that were holding them back. Moreover, it didn't take them months to find their happy place. It was there in the space of sometimes one or two sessions.

Having been through a lot in my life, I am well qualified to advise you on how you can make it through, too. I can help you feel more at peace and help you accept that everything will be absolutely ok.

Let me be your guide, your champion, your warrior. And you may find your inner warrior, too.

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“Marie is an outstanding life coach and EFT practitioner. She is intuitive, knowledgeable, smart and generous. Her professional perspectives and her amazing approach to life contribute to growth, wellness, balance and success. She has the ability to connect with others in a way that allows healing to take place on a soul level. She is committed to helping her clients overcome their fears and their pain, as well as to reach their goals and improve their life.”
Carole Boivin – Canada.
Read Carole's story here.

Qualifications and training

As you’ve seen, I take a holistic approach and my qualifications and training are equally holistic. My main skill is as an AAMET accredited certified EFT Practitioner, while other training includes:
• Level 4 Counselling Diploma from Cambridge Open College
• New Insights Life Coach
• Classic Code and New Code Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) with John Grinder - the man who trained Tony Robbins
• Reiki Master
• Meditation Teacher

I also hold diplomas in:
• PTSD Awareness
• Domestic Abuse and Violence Awareness
• Psychology of Success
• Body-Love Therapy
• Colour Therapy; and
• Crystal Healing

I’m also a three times No.1 Best-Selling Author - well, collaborative-author – on Amazon.
You can check them out here: 365 Life Shifts, 365 Moments of Grace and Goodness Abounds
(Books published by Jodi Chapman and Dan Teck).

What makes me different?

There are lots of therapists out there promising help. Have a look at my Testimonials and you’ll read how I’ve helped others change their lives for the better.

There are many reasons for this success: my own journey, my training and experience, my love of people, my strong desire to empower women and see them flourish. Here are a few things I do that I think make the difference:

  • I help people relax and be themselves incredibly quickly.
  • I can make people laugh, even while they’re dealing with something that’s causing them pain.
  • I am great at empowering people and inspiring them to trust, believe and not give up.
  • I am very down to earth and I keep it real. I'm a simple creature and I like simple language and it generally means everyone gets me.
  • I can find a positive in pretty much any story or problem someone has to share with me.
  • I show and teach people how to love the past and appreciate what it has given and taught them – and how they can use that to promote healing and to pull their lives together.

You will be able to relax completely when you’re with me and will never feel alone on this journey. You will always be considered a friend and I will treat you as such. I don't 'turn off' just because the session is over and the job’s done; I do regular 'check ins' in-between sessions to make sure you’re ok. I'm always there for you.

It’s a small world

I currently live near Sydney, a really beautiful and vibrant city, in an area called Kellyville Ridge. I grew up in Brisbane, then moved to the UK for 16 years. On returning to Australia, I decided the time had come to help others in the way that I had been helped. I love Australia – the laid back feel of it all; even in the rush hour, people are laid back (the total opposite to the UK!).

Wherever I end up in the world, you will always be able and welcome to contact me. As well as working one-to-one with women, I also run workshops, give presentations and regularly update my Advice & Support page with helpful videos and blogs so that you can connect with yourself in your own time. So there are lots of ways we can connect and you can start your healing journey.

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