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Personal stories from women like you

I’ve helped hundreds of women just like you face their fears, find their strength and ‘turn the page’. Watching them become more centred within themselves and discovering who they are and why they’re here, was an honour and a privilege.

Here are stories from a few of my brave warrior women – all of them genuine, all of them in need of help before we met and all coming out the other side happier, healthier and able at last to start living full, meaningful and joyful lives.

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Within eight weeks, I am a different woman

So I have this awesome, amazing, passionate coach who has turned my life, my stories and my old thought patterns upside down. She doesn’t sugar coat things but tells it like it is in a nice, compassionate way.

Like us she’s had her share of childhood problems, so she knew exactly what I was going through. That gave me the confidence to know she knew what she was talking about and could help me.

She really wants to empower women and cares about all her clients. This is not just a job to her or a bolt onto another business, this is real, she is real and I love her loads. She is calm, soothing, patient, funny and knowledgeable. She is passionate about empowering women.

Marie is the best coach I have ever had and it is a privilege for me to be working with her. It hasn’t been easy but in the same way hasn’t been hard either, because Marie has guided me as far as I was able to cope each session. My body has been holding on to abuse for 30 odd years both sexual and emotional, so trust me there was a lot to let go of!!

When I came to Marie I was on my knees, I was desperate, I was in constant pain, I struggled to sleep and when I did sleep I relived the sexual and emotional abuse I had suffered. I was becoming scared to close my eyes, I was exhausted, depressed and had the occasional thought of ending my life as I could see no light at the end of the tunnel and had no energy left to fight. I felt useless and helpless. Life, breathing, it all felt like such hard work and I was feeling so negative about everything, I felt I had nothing to look forward to. I cried/sobbed all day and all night and I ate crap food if I could actually be bothered to eat at all.

But within eight weeks - I am a different woman! I am pain free, can exercise every day and I am eating better! I feel happier, stronger, energised and positive. I am ready to live and to fight for the happy life that I now know I deserve. I have finally let go of the emotional baggage that I have been carrying around for so many years.

How has all of this happened? By doing EFT sessions with Marie! Our EFT sessions were uplifting but most of all they have been life changing for me. Not only did I let go of a lot but Marie had me laughing a lot too.

Marie has checked in on me regularly between sessions and I have never felt alone. I looked forward to our sessions, which can't be said for the counselling I've received in the past.
The first session I was so scared and sceptical but Marie was so supportive. She explained what EFT was and the releasing my body would do. She managed to release my back pain in that first session, much to my amazement. How could tapping on various points around my face and chest have made me pain free when several sessions of physio hadn’t?

As that first session ended I felt exhausted but I was, without a doubt, calmer, more confident, lighter and I knew that I could be a survivor and not a victim of abuse. I knew this was going to work.

With Marie I am able to be honest and open; I hold nothing back as I feel completely safe with her. I have had bereavement and counselling for depression in the past but it never worked for me.

So anyone thinking of having Marie as a coach in any capacity or for any problem, I would say DO IT with no hesitation. She is the most caring, empathetic person I have met. She has been through a lot herself and this is what has made her the beautiful person she is today. She will empower you, help guide you through being honest with yourself and show you how to do the work on yourself - all at your own pace.

I am a survivor not a victim. I am so lucky to have met Marie and to be working with her. This has been a journey of discovery for me and for that I am eternally grateful to the powers above, whoever they are, for bringing Marie into my life.
Kim Waring - United Kingdom

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Give this amazing woman a try

Marie’s approach is to treat the whole person, firstly, by addressing my priority needs and then working on issues, one step at a time, until I reached an overall wellbeing. This was only possible through Marie’s vast knowledge and her other skills, such as counselling and coaching. She offers a ‘total service’.

Even though I had booked EFT sessions with her, I benefited from her experience as a counsellor and coach as well, as these skills helped Marie in articulating what I was actually feeling as I couldn't verbally express my pain, resulting in her honing in on my deep seated fears, and she miraculously helped me tap it all away!

Marie has also enabled the chatter in my head to cease and this has created a new fearless me. She has taught me to separate the emotion from the issue and confront it head on. This is a very simple process but it is so emotionally powerful, it is liberating. I couldn’t believe the fear that I was living with and the lack of power I had over my own life. After three sessions of EFT with Marie I have taken back my power!

As a result of my EFT sessions with Marie I have been able to reach goals in my life that previously would not have been possible. This is due not only to my willingness to comply with Marie’s guidance, but also to the continued support and encouragement that she offers. Even now, six months on, I have sent her the occasional email asking for advice and she always replies with a helpful, encouraging and empowering message.

Please give this amazing woman a try, don't think about it any further, just book your session! I have no hesitation in recommending her. Trust me... it will be only a matter of time when you're in my shoes writing a testimonial wanting the whole world to know about this awesome human being.

Marlene Stanboulian – United Kingdom

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A wonderfully intuitive way of tuning in

My husband and I have been trying to get pregnant for nearly 2 years now and in the last 6 months have gone through 3 IUI's, a miscarriage, and 2 IVFs.

This 2nd IVF was our last attempt and I had tried many other things in addition to the treatment to aid conception such as acupuncture, herbs, diet changes, guided visualization, etc. with no success. So when Marie offered to help us with EFT sessions, I was definitely open to using it.

Marie had a wonderfully intuitive way of tuning in to what was really going on. She was able to zero in during the sessions to make the EFT the most effective for my situation by helping me minimize any doubts, fears and frustrations. Her ability to use compassion, sensitivity, professionalism and humour together was the perfect combination.

I have no doubt that Marie's help with the EFT sessions contributed to our success with the last IVF treatment and we are now very happily 7.5 weeks pregnant!

Thank you, Marie, for sharing your beautiful talents and the gift of who you are.
Terri Tierney - Netherlands

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I feel confident I can beat this addiction

Marie, I just want thank you for changing my life.

Before our sessions I could not go a day without my sugar fix. I could not have a meal without a dessert, could not leave the table without some sort of sugary snack. Long evenings, being bored, being busy, PMS, joy, a good movie – every activity in my life was accompanied by chocolates, pastries, jams, honey, cookies and candies.

Thanks to you, even after just one session, I stopped thinking about desserts and stopped craving sugar. I can now walk past a bakery and I don't even think about what’s inside.

I still entertain friends at home – I cook and bake for them, but none of the pies and cakes that I used to make. I feel strong and confident I can beat this addiction for good.

You are a magician, a master of tapping and I fully and completely love and accept myself.

Skirmante Tiunaite – United Kingdom

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I was paralyzed with sadness and anger

EFT: I didn’t know what it was. I knew Marie did it though. I remember thinking I was so tired of being in pain. Emotional pain. Having had the greatest break-up in my life 10 months earlier.

I'd never realised it was possible to hurt this much and on such a deep level. I was paralyzed with sadness and anger but most of all I was just tired of feeling as I did. Not a day went by where I was not consumed with the end of my relationship.

I was heartbroken and I didn't know how to get past it.

When I reached out to Marie, I still did not know what EFT was. Google being one’s friend, I looked it up and quite frankly I remember thinking Zen and Namaste. Does this stuff even work? But I was so tired of the daily debilitating sadness.

We hooked up via Skype and began our session. She asked me some questions and soon we were ‘tapping’. I was sceptical but I repeated her words and it wasn't long before I could not even speak as tears flowed down my cheeks. I was finally releasing my pain. Strangely I could even feel the shift happening, it was almost an out of body experience. I don’t know how or why it works but it has been profound.

I’d tried many other forms of relief including hypnosis as well as meditation but nothing seemed to help until I came to Marie. Ten months of pain eased with a single EFT session with her.

Would I recommend Marie?.…Ha!!!!!! There is no-one I would not recommend her to.
Thank you, is all I can express. Something else she taught me I’d like to close with:
I Love You
I’m Sorry
Please Forgive Me
Thank You

Eternally Grateful
Lucy - New York

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Healing on a soul level

Marie is an outstanding life coach and EFT practitioner. She is very intuitive, knowledgeable, smart, and generous.
Our sessions were eye opening.

Her professional perspectives and her amazing approach to life contribute to growth, wellness, balance and success.

I felt comfortable with Marie right from the start. She has the ability to connect with others in a way that allows healing to take place on a soul level.

She is committed to help her clients overcome their fears and their pain as well as to reach their goals and to improve their life.
Marie is a very inspiring and passionate woman but as an EFT practitioner, she is amazing. I value and respect her work and I absolutely recommend her.

Carole Boivin M.Ed - Canada

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Own your own life

I don’t know where to start but I’ll start by saying WOW! I can honestly say that my experience of having Marie as my life coach was truly inspirational. I have achieved so much in under a year and I don’t think I could have done that without the support and motivational encouragement from Marie.

The experience was not always an easy one and I had a lot that I wanted to change in my life.

Marie was not afraid to push me out of my comfort zones and she would always check to make sure I was on track. I never felt alone in the process and I knew that I had her full support day or night.

My main goal was to find the man of my dreams and this all happened in the space of a few months of starting the coaching programme.

I can now say that this is an area of my life that I am most content in. He really is the man of my dreams! I was in a dead end relationship before then and I felt stuck in a rut with my career. I knew where I wanted to be in my mind but I just couldn’t bring it to fruition. I have also moved area and started a new career in under a year. I feel like my career is not just a daily commitment but a life change that fulfils my soul’s purpose. It truly is a fantastic feeling to own your own life and appreciate it every day.

I would 110% recommend Marie to anyone who wishes to improve their life and connect with their soul. I think that everyone should invest in a life coach and especially one as caring, friendly, funny (and believe me at times you need someone who can make you laugh!), committed and passionate as Marie. I have found a new best friend.
Maria May - United Kingdom

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