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Your questions answered (I hope)

Dr Levine’s book, Waking the Tiger, is a fascinating and important study of the holistic nature of humans. He believes that each of us is a unique being, endowed with an instinctual capacity to heal ourselves, as well as the intellectual spirit to harness this innate capacity.

I couldn’t agree more. Not just because I’ve seen it in the women I’ve worked with, but I’ve experienced it first-hand. However, it took me some time to seek help to heal myself. I had a lot of self-doubt and lots of questions!

You’re bound to have questions, too... I’ve tried to answer the most frequently asked, but feel free to call or email me if they’re not covered here

What kind of issues have you helped with?

I work with women who are living with and still carrying the emotional scars of violence, trauma, or abuse. I help as well as teach them how to permanently let go of that pain, leading to a more mindful, centred and peaceful future.

Do you work with men?

Absolutely! Men suffer with trauma and abuse from their families just as much as women and still carry the emotional scars of that throughout their lives.

Although my focus is on women's emotional freedom and empowerment because of my childhood situation and how I saw my mum suffer, I still work with men in helping them to be free from the pain and burden of their pasts.
Please don't hesitate to contact me as I would love to connect with you.

FAQ's. Treatment

Where do we meet?

If we’re working face-to-face, we meet in a quiet, spacious and comfortable treatment room in my house, and work within an accepting, calm environment.

We can also connect via Skype, if you're not local or you don't feel like leaving the house, as well as over the phone. EFT is an incredibly diverse therapy and we can connect and get great results from anywhere around the world.

No matter how we meet, you can explore your thoughts and concerns in complete privacy and together we find ways through the difficulties to greater peace and mindfulness.

What to expect during a treatment

First and foremost, we make sure you are comfortable and feeling relaxed. There will be no pressure put on you, at any time throughout the session, to talk through anything that you are not comfortable with. If necessary, we will use EFT in order to get you into a relaxed state. As things come up for you, we tap on them so as to clear them away. You are 100% in control of your session.

I understand that seeking help for something that is personal and private to you, and perhaps you may have never told anyone, takes courage and it may be hard to open up. We take it slow and work at your own pace. There are no judgements or opinions put on you.

Where required, we can use what is called the Tearless Trauma Technique. This is a very clever way of breaking down the emotional connection to an event without you having to think about it or replay it either in your head or out load to a practitioner. If you have a fear or are worried about having to talk about something from the past, don't worry, this will be an option provided to you.

I do not need to touch you or put my hands on you in order to treat you. Whilst we are talking and 'tapping' together you will notice a pattern to the treatment which means you are simultaneously learning how to tap on yourself. If I do at some point feel the need to take over and tap on you physically, perhaps because of an emotional blockage, I will ask your permission to do so.

Either during or after a session your body is likely to 'release' in some form and everybody is different. Some people yawn uncontrollably, some people hiccup, some sneeze, burp, get tired or have to pee a lot. All of these are totally natural and a good sign, because it means your body is now releasing. Other times you might feel light headed or a little spaced out. This is also ok and natural but in those cases I will keep you with me until you feel grounded again and are able to move around (and will likely offer you some form of carbohydrate and/or a cup of tea just to make sure).

EFT is a painless technique, guaranteed to have you feeling lighter and free from the emotional scars of the past. My goal with each and every client is to make sure you leave a session happier and feeling freer than when you arrived.

How long is each session?

Sessions are 1-1½ hours .

I generally offer an extra 30 minutes over a lot of other practitioners and therapists as I find that around the 60 minute mark we can quite often get to the core of deeper issues so I like to make sure we have some extra wiggle room to allow that to happen rather than ending the session and leaving you feeling unsettled and 'open'.

How much does it cost?

I offer block packages or single timed sessions:

1-1.5hr session - $100; or
6 x 1.5hr sessions for $550* - a saving of $50

If you feel that you have been on an emotional rollercoaster for quite a few years and you know that there are many events, situations or past experiences that have caused and created some emotional complexity then you are likely to need more than one session.

*Full payment is payable after the first meeting.

All payments due within 24hrs after a session is complete.

Payment options

Payment can be made either in cash at the end of the session or via BPAY or PayPal*.
If paying with BPAY or PayPal - payment will be required within 24hrs of your appointment and an invoice will be sent to the contact address you provide me.

* Paypal payments will incur an extra $4.20 due to fees charged.


I offer a 100% money back guarantee of our initial session if you don't feel I've made even the slightest dent in your emotional freedom.

Can I contact you in between sessions?

I will always contact you, approximately 24hrs after an appointment, just to see how you're feeling and to make sure you are ok after an emotional shift. I can do this either via text, phone call or email - the choice is entirely yours.

I am aware that sometimes, once we start working on our emotional blockages, that unexpected feelings or emotions come up that perhaps were buried before but are now letting you know that they are ready to be released. Despite this being a great sign, it can sometimes cause people to feel like their 'wheels are a bit wobbly'.
The most important thing to remember is that this is ok and part of the process and to simply tap on yourself to help shift it.

I'm available via text or email as added support and I will do my best to come back to you as soon as possible.
You can also visit my Advice & Support page for video's to help you tap through it as well as my YouTube channel.

In some cases, if you are really struggling, your emotions feel uncontrollable and you can't shift it yourself using tapping, I'll call you as soon as I am available and tap through it with you. On some occasions I may have to get you to come back in for another session sooner than originally planned.

What is your availablity?

I currently work Tuesday - Saturday.
Evening appointments are also available.

How often do I need to see you?

This will depend entirely on you, how you feel and your financial situation.

Some clients like to meet with me two times a week as they are keen to shift things as quickly as possible. On average, however, once a week is what people usually opt for.
In cases where emotional shifts are deep, you might feel that you need a two week gap to allow yourself to rebalance and other times, if money is tight, then a session once a month or just whenever you can is absolutely ok. You might be surprised at what can be achieved and let go of in a single 1.5hr session.

In my opinion, something is always better than nothing and as long as you're moving forward with yourself and you're doing what is right for you then you can't go wrong. :-)

Why do I have to be hydrated?

Water is incredibly important to this process and all EFT practitioners should be telling you to be hydrated before a session.
Being properly hydrated will really help with flushing out toxins from your body and allow things to move through your system.

EFT doesn’t tend to work if you’re dehydrated so at least two days before, make sure you drink, at the very minimum, 2 litres of water per day. Also, during your session, have water with you and drink it regularly when you’re tapping.

If you’re coming to see me in person I will have water on hand for you.

If 2 litres of water is too much for you and you wouldn't normally drink that much, please at the very least do your best to up your intake by even 100mls every day. Not only will EFT work more efficiently for you but you will feel better for it too.

What results can I expect?

Depending on how deep the issue is buried within you and if you are aware of the triggers or when it all started will depend on how quickly we're able to alter your emotional response and feelings to this event.

You will have a lot more self-awareness after each session but sometimes it might take a few sessions to get to the heart of the issue so that it can be dissolved permanently.

After each appointment, however, you are likely to feel lighter - not just emotionally but physically as well. A form of releasing or letting go generally happens after every session resulting in a feeling of freedom.

To hear how EFT has helped others check out my testimonials page.

How long will I be in therapy?

Results will vary from person to person. You may only need is a single session but sometimes, depending on how deep the trauma goes, you might need to allow for more. This is very individual and it’s always your decision. We will explore this in more detail at our initial meeting, taking into account what you would like from EFT and your personal circumstances.

I'm worried about opening old emotional wounds

This is to be expected and a natural reaction. A lot of us think it is easier to bury our emotions and memories and forget it ever happened but the truth is emotions have energy and over time they will either start to effect you on a physical level in the form of pain or constant illness or they will reappear when something triggers the memory and you'll be left trying to re-bury the emotion, although second time round becomes much more difficult to deal with.

Within EFT there is a technique called the Tearless Trauma Technique. This is a very clever way of breaking down the emotional connection to an event without you having to think about it or replay it either in your head or out loud. If you have a fear or are worried about having to talk about something from the past, don't worry, this will be an option provided to you. At all times your comfort and your ability to cope are considered. You won't be pushed any further than you are capable of.

I can't access my emotions or remember much of my childhood

This is a common occurrence if you have suffered with a traumatic childhood. Many people come to me having not cried or shown any real emotion for over 20 years and when trying to recall sections of their past, all they see is a void. This is generally a sign of burying our emotions, as they are too painful to deal with, and erasing memories that are too much for us to relive.

With using EFT we can very gently start the process of accessing the emotions and memories that need to be released so that you won't have to experience them all coming up unexpectedly and all at once. Kind of like peeling an onion one layer at a time - we'll start with how you feel about not being able to access your emotions and memories, and once you are relaxed and calm, you'll allow yourself to make a 'pathway' for them to come up one by one where they can be released and let go of.

This will all be done in a safe, caring and non-judgemental environment and you will be 100% in control of the session and how much you access and release.

What if I don't want to forgive those that have hurt me?

This is very common and something that most, if not all, of my clients say.
It can feel like you're "letting them off the hook" if you let go of the anger you feel towards them and you feel completely justified in how you feel.

I used to feel like that myself but what I noticed and what I find my clients notice, too, is that it doesn't feel good. Being angry and resentful at someone - and so full of rage that you become uncontrollable when you lose your temper, really only effects you on a physical level and also perhaps the person that you're taking your anger out on.

The saying that saved my life and what I remind my clients of is: "Holding onto anger and resentment is like you drinking the poison and expecting the other person to die".
When you hold onto that kind of negative vibration and energy the only person you are hurting is yourself. The person that hurt you can't feel your anger and in a lot of cases isn't even aware of your pain.

An in-depth psychological study was done on 160 women suffering with breast cancer and each and every one of these women was found to be holding onto anger and resentment. It was the one common emotional denominator throughout each of these women's lives.

Through releasing your anger, hatred and resentment you'll find peace which seamlessly becomes forgiveness and life becomes a lot less stressful, exhausting and angry.

(And my clients generally say that they attract a lot less road rage and people cutting them off when they have released their anger..... Strange but true!) :-)

I'm too ashamed and embarrassed to tell you what has happened

This is absolutely ok. I understand that opening up to a complete stranger can be incredibly difficult - even more so if you haven't told anyone at all about what has happened.

In cases like this we would use the Silent Movie Technique. This is where you will run the incident or situation within your own mind, just like a movie. Frame by frame you will stop, look, listen and feel the emotions that come up for you. You can share with me as much or as little as you wish - even if it's just to tell me what emotion you're feeling and the intensity you're feeling it at and we then tap away the emotion related to that frame of the movie. Once that is cleared, we then move along to the next frame and so on and so forth.
If an emotion comes up that you're too embarrassed to share with me then we'll give it a code word. It can be something completely unrelated like pineapples or gum tree. You can choose your own code word or I'll help you out with it.

There is always a way to work with you and for you to feel safe and comfortable. You'll never be pressured to share or push past your emotions and tell me your secrets if it's too much for you - but we can release them and stop them from haunting you.

Can this really work over Skype?

Absolutely! Most of my clients actually prefer Skype as that way they are in the comfort of their own home and they don't have to worry about travelling home after a session of releasing, especially if the session has been intense and the emotions released were very deep so they are exhausted and need to rest.

Skype is just like having me in the room with you. I can still see your reactions and read your responses to questions and you can follow me doing the tapping sequence.
I don't need to put my hands on you or touch you in order for EFT to work. You can just follow me and do what I do and you'll still get the exact same results that you would if we were in the room together.

I have many clients that do a session with me in their pajamas.... (And why not I say. You may as well be comfortable!) :-D

I'm a technophobe - I'm not sure I can do this over Skype

Please believe me when I say that I was exactly the same when I first started! I'm really not a fan of technology but that's because I don't really understand it.
However, I did manage to install and fire up Skype all on my own, which for me seemed like a big deal as anything technology related gets bounced straight over to an IT wizard.
Skype is as simple as downloading it to your computer OR you can access it via the web and open an account and get started. It really is super simple.

Click here for Skype access

Alternatively - I do also work with my clients over FaceBook Messenger video, WhatsApp video and even FaceTime. I'll always do my best to accommodate what you can do and have access to.

What about confidentiality?

Information you share is never disclosed to others unless required by a court of law or there is a serious risk of harm to yourself or others. In the latter case, I will do what is necessary to make sure you are safe and out of harms way and operate within the confines of the law. I will always seek to discuss this with you in the first instance, if it's possible. If I feel you are in danger I will take immediate steps to make sure you are safe.

How do I get there?

When we arrange the first meeting, I will give you directions by car. You can park in the drive or on the street. Public transport is also an option: Schofields train station is only 8kms away, to which I am happy to pick you up and drop you back off after our session, and there are also many buses that stop along Windsor Road.

How do I know if we’d work well together?

It isn’t easy finding the right person to open up to about difficult things. I will always arrange an initial phone call with you just to discuss what it is you're wanting to achieve and you can get a feel if I'm the right fit for you. You have to be 100% comfortable with your decision and I won't, at any stage, push you to make an appointment with me. Only when you are ready and feel that I'm the person to help you will we proceed to the initial appointment stage.

Keep reading about my kind of practice and my own story – and see what the women I’ve worked with are saying about what they were facing and how they feel now , after their EFT therapy.

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